About the Photographer

I've been shooting fashion, runway and figure in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and around the world for fashion and retail clients since the late 1980's.

More recently my focused has moved to projects that allow for more editorial freedom. This affords me the ability to 'push the envelope' without offending the sensibility of the average commercial fashion client. The "How's & Whys'" of fashion consumption are extraordinarily fascinating to me and its equally important to get back to them.

"It's not the clothes that make the woman, it's the woman that makes the clothes." -- me

Successful fashion photography goes back to innovators who created pictures that played to the emotions of consumers. The consumer was drawn into pictures about how they would feel when wearing the clothes. It's a mise-en-scène that tells a story, a story that the viewer wants to live. That story may be a little 'edgy', it may be pushing the envelope but it is always compelling. In the end, it satisfies the most basic human need of consumption: To feel good. The viewer doesn't just want to wear the clothes, they want to be the person in those pictures and wearing the clothes is the first step to getting there.

This is the kind of work that I prefer to do, whether commercial or pro-bono for up-and-coming designers, fashion publications, blogs, etc. If this is something that would interest you, perhaps we should speak.

All the Best,
Tim Henrion
tim (at)